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  1. When I say " his mirror image ", what i mean is from what little of the film I had seen, his refection in the mirror climbed out of the mirror and either killed him off or swapped places with him, i'm not sure which happened because the time the film was on and the age I was at the time I wasn't supposed to be watching it.
  2. I could do it too, but I�m not sure about it, because making new refections about the matter, I�ve realised there is a bit of information that I forgot to expose, and it's important, and I suspect your redaction displays a sense that goes a little away from the one it was intended in my redaction and in what concerns to the presentation of that bit of information that remained unposted.
  3. Kevin M . Thomas of San Francisco's " The Examiner " praised " Golden Gate Girls " as " more than a loving tribute to [ Esther ] Eng, set to the most amazing jazz music . " He likes the fact that director " Wei also pays tribute to other pioneering and lesbian filmmakers such as Dorothy Arzner, who paved the road for many of our more recent female directors  gay or straight . " He also notes that the " 90 minute film also is a beautiful refection of early San Francisco, where Eng made a lot of her movies ."
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