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  1. Redecoration of the old buildings is an art.
  2. A $ 13 million overhaul and redecoration closed the residence between 1982 and 1988.
  3. On their return the Duke began an exhaustive restoration and redecoration of the palace.
  4. The redecoration scheme received a special mention in the Civic Trust Awards in 1994.
  5. In 1873 79 Burges also undertook a redecoration of the College's Hall.
  6. Old photos show wallpaper in the sanctuary, probably part of this same redecoration.
  7. In 1988 the interior redecoration was also done.
  8. The palace once again saw some life with the redecoration of some of its rooms.
  9. The redecoration was a source of great controversy, even before it was carried out.
  10. Redecoration began on June 9, 1924, and was completed before October 19 service.
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