redecorate in a sentence

redecorate meaning in Hindi


  1. The auditorium was redecorated, with new carpets and pews installed.
  2. After redecorating an old office the four girls launch Bratz Magazine.
  3. She enjoys riding motorcycles and redecorating, and loves to shop.
  4. The main rooms were redecorated in the style of French palaces.
  5. The interior and the exterior were redecorated in 2000 and 2001.
  6. During this period the castle rooms were redecorated with frescoed ceilings.
  7. In 2009, the walls behind the tracks were completely redecorated.
  8. He later redecorated the church ceiling ( 1912-13 ).
  9. Meanwhile, many existing churches were redecorated in the Baroque style.
  10. Want to take the mystery out of redecorating your home?
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