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  1. No other specific actions necessary for the recovery of the species have been identified, and no direct recovery actions are being implemented.
  2. Submarine Squadron Fifteen personnel, assisted greatly by some Sailors from the USS FRANK CABLE ( AS 40 ), participated in post-typhoon recovery actions.
  3. The men get paid for their recovery actions and can receive bonuses for successful recovery of the cargo or contents of the trailers.
  4. From the February 6 15 instead the military police started a recovery action called " Opera��o Inquieta��o " ( " Operation Restlessness " ).
  5. Despite getting specific warning about the wind shear condition, the flight crew still did not take any recovery action to recover from the unsafe condition.
  6. "Yukos will pursue one or more damage recovery actions in forums Yukos believes appropriate to redress such damage, " the company said in its filing.
  7. Vulture funds have had success in bringing attachment and recovery actions against sovereign debtor governments, usually settling with them before realizing the attachments in forced sales.
  8. That is why the hardyhead is now considered a high priority for conservation recovery actions in Queensland, where steps are now being taken to exterminate the mosquitofish from the spring.
  9. On the advice of biologists, the Fish and Wildlife Service dropped the hybrid policy and later decreed that " intercrossing can be an acceptable recovery action for the Florida panther ."
  10. The company, which processed more than 100.000 service recovery actions in 2015, services includes hotels, taxi transportation, bus transportation, refreshment vouchers, compensation, re-booking tracing and all combined with intergrated payment solutions.
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