reappearance in a sentence

reappearance meaning in Hindi


  1. Its reappearance here is an apt and moving blast from the past.
  2. But it was their reappearance that stayed in her memory.
  3. The settlement should be closely monitored to prevent their reappearance.
  4. His brief reappearance on television did little to restore confidence.
  5. Raduyev's apparent reappearance triggered new Russian fears of separatist attacks.
  6. Unfortunately for us, that reappearance takes place in 1997.
  7. We have seen indications of the reappearance of a neo-dictatorship,
  8. Circumstances of his disappearance and reappearance were not immediately clear.
  9. Shocked by Marty's sudden reappearance, Doc faints.
  10. There was a reappearance of Area II in the mid-1980s.
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