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pronunciation: [ [ 'ri:daut ] ]
readout meaning in Hindi


  1. The export version is slightly different, with the computer readout disappearing.
  2. Electrical equipment and certain radio signals may trigger false readouts.
  3. Immunoreacted transcription factor proteins reveal genomic readout in terms of translated protein.
  4. Each module contains 16 readout chips and other electronic components.
  5. Some incorporate a digital screen to give measurement readouts in multiple formats.
  6. The protein that produces a detectable readout is called " reporter ".
  7. Planet's name was indicated on a readout screen.
  8. Its frequency readout is available in digital display mode only.
  9. Readout reviewed new books, and Gameplay reviewed new games.
  10. Holding one : first readout : 78.0 kg.
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