raze in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ reiz ] ]
raze meaning in Hindi


  1. Fires spread quickly and sometimes raze hundreds of closely built houses.
  2. Wan Mohamed said within about 20 minutes the house was razed.
  3. In Lhasa, entire neighborhoods have been razed to the ground.
  4. The village was emptied of Palestinians and razed in October 1948.
  5. Hundreds of Maya Indian villages were razed during the early 1980s.
  6. The twister razed trailers and launched debris clear across the lake.
  7. Three Rivers is dust and rubble now, razed in February.
  8. In Vienna, authorities have never tried to raze the towers.
  9. The forces demolished three houses and razed citrus and olive groves.
  10. The deteriorated camp office was razed at that time as well.
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