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  1. The American movement has served as a fund-rasing and lobbying arm for its Israeli counterparts.
  2. On the adjacent River Rase, another weir and gauging station measures the flow of that river.
  3. However, in this case, I have no stake in the case I'm rasing.
  4. But until now, Reno has refused to examine campaign fund-rasing abusesexcept in a limited way.
  5. The River Rase runs under an adjacent bridge, and the two rivers run parallel for the next.
  6. The company will be rasing funds by selling items online through a virtual online store and through Donations.
  7. Rase is so far the only Belgian female taekwondo practitioner to win a medal at the World Championships.
  8. The road becomes more twisty and meets a roundabout at West Rasen, where it crosses the River Rase.
  9. The selected space was that of the docks and buildings of the Compagnie G�n�rale Transatlantique, that were rased.
  10. Stanza Fourteen also contains a typo . " Captain Rase " is actually a reference to Captain Ezekiel Rose.
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