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  1. As Rable explains, " This contraction of civic vision was more than a crabbed libertarianism; it represented an increasingly widespread disillusionment with the Confederate experiment ."
  2. Rable said he and his partner Dushyant Sharma had the idea and the technology and started making the rounds in metro Atlanta, looking for " champions ."
  3. Joseph Rable printed " Curort und Seebad Abbazia " ( Spa and the bathing beach in Opatija ), and Peter von Radics wrote a guidebook simply titled"
  4. Dr . Mohamed Rable sat at his desk in his clinic at the Dar Shifa Hospital and read the label on a bottle of diet pills handed to him by a patient, Sharifa Attar.
  5. But here's rable subplots on the periphery of the inevitable showdown between Ben and Justin, and you realize the magic really hasn't proosessed much between episode five and episode 10.
  6. As Rable concludes, " For Stephens, the essence of patriotism, the heart of the Confederate cause, rested on an unyielding commitment to traditional rights " without considerations of military necessity, pragmatism or compromise.
  7. On the articles discussion page I referenced George Rable's " The Confederate Republic : A Revolution Against Politics and quoted from William J . Cooper Jr .  s  Jefferson Davis, American to support this fact.
  8. Historian George C . Rable described them as acting as " the military arm of the Democratic Party . " By 1876, there were estimated to be 20, 000 white men who were members of rifle clubs in the state.
  9. As for the $ 1.00 to $ 2.50 ( CDN ) fee per transaction, it is often still preferable to using credit cards because of even larger fees and less favo ( u ) rable exchange rates offered by credit-card companies.
  10. Historian George C . Rable called such groups the " military arm of the Democratic Party . " By the mid-1870s, the Conservatives and Democrats had aligned with the national Democratic Party, which enthusiastically supported their cause even as the national Republican Party was losing interest in Southern affairs.
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