rabbit on in a sentence

rabbit on meaning in Hindi


  1. She looks like Jessica Rabbit on bad acid.
  2. "Rabbits on the Run " received positive reviews from music critics.
  3. As the raw voice of dysfunction, Lewis is perfect _ Jessica Rabbit on downers.
  4. On Saturday night Pappy made shadow-pictures of rabbits on the wall with candlelight.
  5. Church on Sunday; community supper on Monday; clubbing jack rabbits on weekend evenings.
  6. To find it-follow little rabbit on land you've recently inhabit ."
  7. ;: The only black rabbit on the Moon, Gekko was bullied as a child.
  8. Wild life can be observed on the other islands, especially wild rabbits on Ilyosta Island.
  9. There are some trees and plants such as wolf, porcupine and rabbit on the mountain.
  10. To serve, place a portion of rabbit on a serving plate, and top with sauce.
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