quantifiable in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'kwɔntifaiəbl ] ]
quantifiable meaning in Hindi


  1. There has to be some quantifiable way of detecting discrimination.
  2. Then there is his magnetic appeal, which is quantifiable.
  3. Only scenes that produce a quantifiable rise in blood pressure.
  4. But the qualities that define Rodriguez are not quantifiable in raw data.
  5. Weiss'role in the company was varied and not easily quantifiable.
  6. But there may be another, less quantifiable factor at play here.
  7. Other risks are not considered fully quantifiable at this stage.
  8. He is neither quantifiable nor can his qualities ever truly be described.
  9. Quality of life is something else : it isn't quantifiable.
  10. But this is not to say that such attributes are not quantifiable.
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