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  1. He was appointed editor of INM's flagship title, the " Irish Independent ", Ireland s biggest selling quality newspaper in September 2012.
  2. The political and diplomatic information and commentaries contained in this quality newspaper, " serious to the point of boredom ", also carried considerable clout elsewhere in Europe.
  3. Dutch quality newspaper Joep Dohmen of NRC wrote that Baker Botts helped its client Rosneft forge Armenian court rulings, to shore up Rosneft's claims in Dutch courts.
  4. But I will say I was extremely lucky to have arrived at the right time at the Post, when Katharine Graham was emerging and devoted to running a quality newspaper.
  5. That was my chauvinist reaction when The Daily Telegraph, Britain's liveliest quality newspaper, dismissed President Clinton's second Inaugural Address as " banal ."
  6. The tripod set-up was also referenced in a 2011 article in " The Guardian ", the first quality newspaper to run the story at the time.
  7. Do the people who are making these decisions believe publishing a quality newspaper over time is a good business strategy or do they believe an inferior newspaper will make as much money?
  8. We strenuously disagree with this and look forward to demonstrating both the fallacy of this view and the enduring vitality of quality newspaper assets intelligently managed and imaginatively linked with other media.
  9. But Oppedahl said he was excited about Hearst's commitment to a " hefty " staff and " continuing to produce a high-quality newspaper ."
  10. But now the country's quality newspapers are brawling over readership, too, using price cuts, contests and story subjects unheard of in their staid circle a decade ago.
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