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quaker meaning in Hindi


  1. One woman reads to herself from a book of Quaker devotions.
  2. She says that Quakers believe in the continuing revelation of God.
  3. 1 cup quick-cooking oats ( such as Quaker oats)
  4. Pepsico recently bought Gatorade's parent company, Quaker Oats.
  5. Some of his underlings mistakenly think he's a Quaker.
  6. In school, her Quaker teachers encourage her to dream big.
  7. When Quaker went after the commercial market, we were pleased.
  8. Among them is a Quaker parrot who flew in after Jeanne.
  9. But the Quakers could not make it three in a row.
  10. Gatorade accounts for about 40 percent of Quaker Oats'revenues.
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