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pronunciation: [ [ 'pʌljuleit ] ]
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  1. Some critics, such as Fredrick R . Karl, think that the main political phenomenon in this novel is the modern age, as symbolised by the teeming, pullulating foggy streets of London ( most notably in the cab ride taken by Winnie and Stevie Verloc ).
  2. One has the impression that the ether is pullulating with millionaires in their hugely sponsored, ego-sized puffballs, alternately ascending like rockets because someone let go of a guy-rope, or sinking with vast exhalations into the drink, before emerging to give macho, bearded press conferences.
  3. The story now moves from the palace to the surrounding city, which Mahfouz has populated with some of the most famous names from " The Arabian Nights "-- Nur Al-din, Aladdin, Sinbad, Marouf the Cobbler, all of them leading quiet but useful lives in a city pullulating with corruption.
  4. "Julien Donkey-Boy " is a pullulating collage of images that many will find unpalatable : a Thalidomide-maimed man playing the drums with drumsticks held between his toes; blind people demonstrating that you really have to be able to see to go bowling; Julien yowling in various states of degradation, and scenes involving a fetus.
  5. Rufus, horrified and repulsed by the city, describes it as " a chaos of heterogeneous words, the body of a tiger or a bull in which teeth, organs and heads monstrously pullulate in mutual conjunction and hatred . " He eventually escapes the city and finds the Troglodyte who followed him there waiting outside; he names him Argos ( after the dog of Odysseus ), and decides to teach him language.
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