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  1. He put down two Filipino rebellions, led by Apolinario de la Cruz ( Hermano Pule ) and Sergeant Irineo Samaniego, respectively.
  2. Today, Safotulafai remains to be one of the traditional'Pule'( customary authority ) ruling districts of Savai'i.
  3. "Teonea v . Pule o Kaupule of Nanumaga " was a judgment of Ward CJ given delivered 11 October 2005.
  4. Hermano Pule immediately sent a report to Bishop of Nueva C�ceres restating that the " cofrad�a " was not against canon law.
  5. Roughly ten days after Baseballfan789 makes his first appearance, Frank is losing an argument, badly, to keep the article on Pule.
  6. Lauaki Namulauulu held the position of high talking chief for Pule when the traditional power brokers of Samoa met to determine matters of national importance.
  7. Vacky's father had vowed to God that if his child is born healthy, he will bring his child to Ganapati Pule naked.
  8. Pule is the traditional designation given to the Chiefs who represent the big island of Savaii and who were affiliated with the Sa Malietoa royal family.
  9. The price fetched was higher than the most expensive variety known as pule cheese, which is made from the milk of the Serbian Balkan donkey.
  10. It also contains some historical and religious attractions such as : a shrine dedicated to Hermano Pule and caves that have been converted into religious shrines.
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