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  1. At mile 28.9, the Akoni Pule Highway comes to an abrupt end at the Pololk Valley Scenic Point.
  2. They initially offered government amnesty to the " cofrad�a " with the exception of Hermano Pule and his aides.
  3. As the haumana progresses through the classes they receive pule which also synchronizes with the processes and the whole learning experience.
  4. Since 1991 Pule has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the USA, the Pacific and Asia.
  5. Vacky reveals that the sage she met was fake and he had planned this to avoid going naked to Ganpati Pule.
  6. Among the South African-based players, Mbulelo Oldjohn Mabizela, Jabu Pule, Thabo Mngomeni and Lesley Manyathela stand out.
  7. Puling out Ukrainian troops from Iraq " could lead to destabilization and become an obstacle for securing Iraqi sovereignty,"
  8. The word Pule refers to appointments or authorities conferred on certain clans or individuals, sometime in the political history of Samoa.
  9. Feeling an attack on their religious freedom from Catholic authorities, Hermano Pule and his aide, " hermano mayor"
  10. Pule then transferred his camp to Alitao, adjacent to Tayabas capital where his followers crowned him  King of the Tagalogs.
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