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  1. Gillespie, now 63 and exhibiting in the flesh none of the pugnaciousness of that early self-portrait, seems to have accepted his outsider status.
  2. These episodes often devolve into gross-out humor and violent slapstick pratfalls, of which Bombo is the usual victim despite his great size and pugnaciousness.
  3. For all his pugnaciousness, Fisher said that imposing sanctions on Fuji products in this country would " represent a failure on all our parts ."
  4. Only on foreign and military policy does their public postur _ an incoherent mix of pugnaciousness and isolationism _ accurately reflect their actual beliefs, which are sincerely confused.
  5. Lauder, 53, has the air and bearing of the very wealthy, yet he sometimes alternates between extreme self-confidence and caution, between pugnaciousness and pliancy.
  6. Throughout a campaign that has seen him rise from an obscure former governor to the leader in pre-primary polls, Dean has displayed and reveled in his political pugnaciousness.
  7. That's how eloquently his jumpy, staccato body language expresses his anger, his defensiveness, his pugnaciousness, and his fears for Billy, whom he loves deeply, if clumsily.
  8. That sums up the distaste for Smirnoff's pugnaciousness among many townspeople _ that, given the choice between being falsely nice or insultingly honest, he will always opt for the latter.
  9. And it was a contest in which his attack tactics, so often identified with the class of'94, came under criticism from a Republican establishment disquieted by the pugnaciousness of the Gingrich prodigy.
  10. In a state where the politeness of everyday citizens can be as refreshing as the dry desert air, the intensity and pugnaciousness of McCain's involvement in state politics has been extraordinary, particularly for a US senator.
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