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  1. Instead, it must sell promissory notes, the equivalent of banks'fixed deposits.
  2. Arthur, however, waited and refused to cash in his promissory notes.
  3. On Dec . 4, Schmidt signed a promissory note for $ 100, 488.
  4. Though the sale was ruled illegal, the shares have traded as promissory notes.
  5. Second, the promissory notes were drawn up to make the transaction look legal.
  6. Kilroy had reportedly signed promissory notes that did not pay the full dues.
  7. The Tecumsehs bought a franchise from O'Brien, paying cash and promissory notes for
  8. The stock was made into promissory notes that trade at a steep discount.
  9. Thus, promissory notes can work as a form of private money.
  10. Promissory notes are the equivalent of fixed deposits at commercial banks.
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