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  1. It took several years to secure funding, with public donations, some from the regiment's funds, and the proceeds of sales of a regimental history.
  2. However, the plaintiff issued its own invoices to the customers who remitted the proceeds of sale directly to the bank account of the plaintiff.
  3. In March 2011, ArteMita hosted an exhibition of paintings by Magdiel Perez in which ten percent of the proceeds of sales were donated to CVIS.
  4. That could drive the dollar down because international investors often convert the proceeds of sales of U . S . stocks and bonds into other currencies.
  5. She was to receive a further sum amounting ( together with the ?2m ) to one-half of the gross proceeds of sale of the six townhouses.
  6. The proceeds of sale represent an important element of the overall reconstruction and renewal plan for the corporation, which is proceeding as planned for implementation in 1996,
  7. It should be understood that  res may be the vessel ( including its appurtenances and equipment ), the cargo, the freight or even the proceeds of sale.
  8. Under the terms of the Land Fund, the government takes half the proceeds of sales and puts the rest in the Land Fund, where it cannot be touched.
  9. The congregation holds services in All Saints Lodge, a Church centre at Highgate bought by St Laurence Church out of the proceeds of sale of All Saints Church.
  10. The song was dedicated to the " Fatherless Children of France " and a portion of the proceeds of sales of the sheet music went to supporting these children.
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