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  1. Regarding match fixing, he opined that " one has to proceed against these criminals ".
  2. Chesley said the response " denied the creditor trust is allowed to proceed against them ."
  3. The third party could proceed against the servant and master, that is, the employee and employer.
  4. The same appeals court had used the same reasoning to let a suit proceed against Hughes.
  5. However, as Sapna proceeds against the final task, the seventh test horribly spirals out of control.
  6. The Nature and Parks Authority announced to proceed against them but so far without any visible success.
  7. The three-judge panel said a case could not proceed against a person who is not in Belgium.
  8. Judge Paula Omansky said the lawsuit could proceed against Todd Healy, the man who admitted hitting Wilson.
  9. We will proceed against him like almost all people in his situation who get arrested for solicitation,
  10. Bush's order to the CIA is part of a larger discussion about how to proceed against Iraq.
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