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  1. The first exit provides the primary access for the Valley River Center shopping mall.
  2. Since primary access to the island is by ferry, loads for the island are restricted.
  3. Primary Access makes equipment for telecommunications and on-line companies.
  4. The primary access point to the island is by a single bridge connection to the mainland.
  5. The stretch of Highway 40 is the primary access road into Grande Prairie from the south.
  6. The biggest so far had been Primary Access Inc . in May for $ 170 million.
  7. Primary access is via Interstate 5 at exits 176A and 176B at the town of Castaic.
  8. Pellegrini is also one of Rosario's arterial roads and one of its primary accesses from the west.
  9. The primary access routes are the A4018.
  10. McKnight Road was built in the mid 1950s and became the primary access into the north suburban areas.
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