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  1. This event is an opportunity to delve deep into the RA Library and Collection and explore the vast collection of books, press cuttings, reviews of exhibitions and works sold at auction.
  2. On 27 September, Lody wrote another letter in German to " Burchard ", enclosing press cuttings about the chivalry of British seamen and the sinking of the cruisers North and South Queensferry.
  3. The London Collection also holds an extensive collection of press cuttings concerning the area around the Institute dating from 1740 and one of the country's finest collections of London guidebooks and trade directories.
  4. There are hundreds of photographs starting from as early 1887, a few films and videos, a large collection of press cuttings, advertisements, menus, lithographs and even a Nippy's uniform.
  5. Page's aim had been to avoid collections of press cuttings but to try to find writings, paintings, " the prints and scraps " which had been gathered together by " young ladies ".
  6. It began on what is now page 50 of the previous book " The Seven Crystal Balls " and included two pages outlining the crystal ball mystery, presented as if it were a press cutting.
  7. A milk float has been adapted to host and tour this new mobile archive which includes a wide range of local memorabilia such as press cuttings, Crab Fair souvenirs, photographs, letters, books and posters.
  8. His son, Patrick Au, donated most of his father's personal records, business records, documents and press cuttings related to the Hong Kong Reform Club and photos to the University of Hong Kong Libraries.
  9. The Archive was started with the family's private collection of the composer s music manuscripts, private and business papers, correspondence, photos ( including unpublished originals ), articles, press cuttings, concert programmes and memorabilia.
  10. The book consequently reflects his personal experiences of life in Berlin during the early stages of the war through annecdotes, press cutting, rumours and jokes rather than covering the political and diplomatic aspects of his job in any great detail:
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