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  1. Walter's papers including his letters, photographs and press cuttings form part of the Burden archive held at the Science Museum Library & Archives in Wroughton Science Museum at Wroughton.
  2. That same year, she failed her baccalaureate exam and began working as a press cuttings clerk and secretary at Plon publishers later becoming a writer of news pieces about their publications.
  3. This is a story inspired by a press cutting describing how, during World War II, the treasured contents of London's National Gallery were stored in Welsh slate mines.
  4. In order to prove it I'd have to scan all the press cuttings and send the videos of TOTP and Big Breakfast etc-it's not really practical!
  5. Press cuttings from Kenya proved that prisoners in the independence movement had been beaten to death at Hola Camp and Barbara Castle succeeded in getting this confirmed in the House of Commons.
  6. The book is written from Wringham's perspective, drawing on interviews with members of the cast and audience as well as collected press cuttings and fanzine material from the 1990s.
  7. An Archive Room houses material related to the artist including books, catalogues of his exhibitions and auctions, press cuttings, tapes of interviews with Lowry and others, photographs and ephemera.
  8. Adamson's records from Ashton, including albums of press cuttings and coverage, and of examples of Buday's Christmas cards and other prints, were in a filing cabinet.
  9. You might wish to start collecting press cuttings ( from the national rather than the local press ) about your performances and fund-raising activities to help in establishing evidence of notability.
  10. I have since added some of these, taken from art magazine press cuttings, giving dates and website address where applicable and worked on the other references to make them more precise.
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