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  1. Suleiman's policy of expansion throughout the Mediterranean basin was however halted in Malta in 1565.
  2. The process was driven by the demands of trade and security rather than by any deliberate policy of expansion.
  3. Softbank has a stated policy of expansion by acquisition and the company has been making inroads into the U . S.
  4. He was born in National Sailors'& Firemen's Union, which was committed to a policy of expansion.
  5. Allied with the resurgent Armenians, Adarnase then launched, from his base in Lower Tao, a policy of expansion.
  6. By 1660, France started a policy of expansion into the interior of North America from what is now eastern Canada.
  7. Masayoshi Son told the Bloomberg Forum there will be no change to the company's stated policy of expansion by acquisition.
  8. In 1505 the reign King Manuel I of Portugal led Portugal to establish a policy of expansion in Africa and western Asia.
  9. Iran should give up its " policies of expansion, greed, interference, procrastination and secrecy, " he said.
  10. Being also ambitious and confident, he pursued a policy of expansion for his duchy, seeking to expand it into a kingdom.
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