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  1. Most of the money would be awarded to about 340, 000 policy holders.
  2. This settlement is another victory for the 56, 000 policy holders of GSLIC,
  3. "We're here to serve all policy holders fairly and equally, " he said.
  4. Met Life and Prudential are mutual insurers owned by policy holders.
  5. Policy holders will vote Nov . 20 on whether to demutualize.
  6. As a mutual company, Hancock is owned by its policy holders.
  7. Clerical Medical is mutually owned, meaning it is owned by its policy holders.
  8. All dependent premiums are paid by policy holders, not the county.
  9. The company has 4, 000 employees and 400, 000 policy holders.
  10. Premiums, however, have risen dramatically in recent years even for existing policy holders.
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