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pronunciation: [ [ fi'lændə ] ]
philander meaning in Hindi


  1. His father, Philander Rodman, was never around.
  2. Soli Philander, the mixed-race comedian, was a notable exception.
  3. Philander Rodman Jr . has not seen his son Dennis for 26 years.
  4. Philander C . Knox, March 5, 1909-March 5, 1913
  5. Philander Smith College awarded the LL . D ..
  6. Philander enjoyed a tremendous start to his international career.
  7. Vernon Philander and Richard Levi emerged in this period as South African cricketers.
  8. Philander Smith College also joined the GCAC in 2011.
  9. He played college football at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  10. The fur trader Philander Prescott had written another account of the area in 1831.
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