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  1. Cerebral achromatopsia, also known as Color agnosia, is a category-specific semantic impairment pertaining to semantic color associations, such that individuals retain perceptual abilities for distinguishing color, demonstrated through color categorization or hue perception tasks; however knowledge of typical color-object relationships is defective.
  2. In other words, not only has he the temerity to explore structure and language to its limits but also is able to produce an astonishing result of great musical coherence and original timbres without ever breaking the balance between abstraction and human perceptual ability.
  3. MTL amnesic patients with localized damage to the hippocampus retain other perceptual abilities, such as the ability to intelligently function in society, to make conversation, to make one's bed, etc . Additionally, anterograde amnesics without combined retrograde disorders ( localized damage to the MTL system ) have memories prior to the traumatic event.
  4. In " Sj�l i Flammer ", Muhl describes how his childhood was marked by his younger sister s all too early death in 1960 and he claims this as the triggering factor in releasing an unusually sensitive and highly developed form of perceptual ability ( ESP ), enabling him to feel other people s pain as well as perceive hidden aspects of life.
  5. His system of 73 specific scales measure three broad areas : Cognitive ( Verbal Abilities; Idea Generation & Reasoning Abilities; Quantitative Abilities; Memory; Perceptual Abilities; Spatial Abilities; and Attentiveness ), Psychomotor ( Fine Manipulative Abilities; Control Movement Abilities; and Reaction Time and Speed Abilities ), and Physical ( Physical Strength Abilities; Endurance; Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination; Visual Abilities; and Auditory and Speech Abilities ).
  6. Frequently the blind or deaf speak of a compensating effect, whereby their sense of touch or smell becomes more acute, changing the way they perceive and reason about the world; especially telling examples are found in the cases of " wild children ", whose early childhoods were spent in abusive, neglected, or non-human environments, both intensifying and minimizing perceptual abilities ( Classen 1991 ).
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