pawnbrokers in a sentence

pawnbrokers meaning in Hindi


  1. Just tell the pawnbroker, who may elect to buy it outright.
  2. The pawnbroker assumes the risk that an item might have been stolen.
  3. They sell the piggy banks to a pawnbroker for 25 cents each.
  4. The group acquired high-end pawnbrokers Suttons & Robertsons in 2010.
  5. Pawnbrokers in the Black Country needed to be where the people were.
  6. "Pawnbrokers don't want stolen stuff.
  7. Most people think they are the same, which bothers pawnbrokers no end.
  8. A young student with money problems and ego issues murders his neighborhood pawnbroker.
  9. Nowadays, the majority of pawnbrokers in Malaysia are managed by Malaysian Chinese.
  10. All the pawnbrokers in the area were searched for the rings without success.
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