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  1. At the Metro-Dade Police Department, which is much larger than the Miami Beach Police Department, the Florida Pawn Broker Transaction Form is sent to each of its eight district offices.
  2. The pawn broker gives her a pawn ticket for the girl stating " a precious jewel, a value beyond price " and tells her she can redeem it at any time.
  3. Patricia Erens would use the surviving film still of the pawn broker, claimed to be Lon Chaney by scholars, as an example of Jewish character archetypes that were prominent in silent films.
  4. On 20 June 1868 he was married to Anne-Eug�nie All�on who had been twice widowed when her first two husbands, �mile Rubantel ( a designer ) and Claude Martin ( a pawn broker ), both died.
  5. In King's office, there are sepia-tone photos of the downtown area in those days _ with theaters, hotels, clothing stores, and ice cream shops instead of pawn brokers, check cashers, bail bondsmen, and the plasma center.
  6. Pawn brokers offering interest rates of 1 . 5 percent per day have sprung up all over the capital, Bucharest, and Romanians are turning their lei into dollars or other hard currencies as fast as they can.
  7. In 2012, Joe Pantoliano stars as the eccentric pawn broker Oswald Oswald in the film adaptation of Wendy Mass's popular children's book " Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life ", written and directed by Tamar Halpern.
  8. Sweden there is legislation to prevent the pawn broker from making unfair profits ( usury due to financial distress or ignorance of the customer ) at the expense of the customer by low evaluation on their collaterals.
  9. The 1970s were particularly lucrative for the bank, mostly due to its near-monopoly on savings for the poor and lower-middle classes, the management of Brazilian state ( federal ) lotteries and being the only lawful pawn broker in Brazil.
  10. In many cases, the crack business has helped spawn a large new illegal firearms market, Decker said, as drug sellers have become, in effect, pawn brokers, the person through whom guns as well as drugs can be bought and sold.
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