pathoses in a sentence

pathoses meaning in Hindi


  1. And all the pathos, too, of a man exposed.
  2. His tragedies, as a rule, lack pathos and sublimity.
  3. Pathos-Obama appeals to the audience s emotions through imagery.
  4. Even the climactic choruses achieve their intended combination of pathos and jubilation.
  5. Such moments are tinged with eeriness as well as pathos.
  6. Add generous quantities of wit, pathos and sexual tension.
  7. Pathos, after all, is not a four-letter word.
  8. Donizetti helps Major along with some significant moments of pathos.
  9. Pratfalls follow pathos, satire co-exists with sadness.
  10. Two Regency romances interspersed with wit, humor and pathos.
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