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  1. He won the Alexander Anderson Travelling Scholarship, allowing him further study at the Pathology Department of Glasgow University.
  2. I sent it to the pathology department of the University of Glasgow; there were a lot of photographs.
  3. John, this is the pathology department of at City Hospital, and the results of your tests have come in.
  4. After receiving his degree in 1962, he stayed on at the university, eventually becoming chairman of the pathology department.
  5. Records from the Al-Shifa Hospital reportedly show that a young boy was examined in the pathology department at midday.
  6. Van Velzen left Liverpool in 1995 to run the pathology department at a children's hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  7. Quackenbush also serves as the Associate Head of Graduate Education for the Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology Department within the college.
  8. But the director of the pathology department did not want a female resident, so Dr . Squire turned to radiology.
  9. Van Velzen ran the pathology department at a Halifax children's hospital for two years, until he was fired in 1998.
  10. Jean Gittins migrated to Melbourne Australia after the World War where she worked in the Pathology Department of Melbourne University.
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