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  1. Matt Kaeberlein is a professor in the Pathology department at the University of Washington.
  2. Next to the main building is an annex-building pathology department.
  3. He also served as chair of the pathology department for most of that time.
  4. He became acting head of the Pathology Department in 1987.
  5. He perfected his technique on human cadavers at the University of Utah's Pathology Department.
  6. He then worked in the pathology department at St . George's from 1948 to 1954.
  7. He joined the pathology department as assistant to Tommasi-Crudeli.
  8. This building now houses the hospital pathology department.
  9. He immediately worked as assistant to Tommasi Crudeli at pathology department of the University of Rome.
  10. They may also be called to photograph an autopsy and gross specimens in the pathology department.
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