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  1. In their 2007 article, Dobson and Fisher lay out an alternative model of post-panopticism as they identify three panoptic models.
  2. The growth of this centre was facilitated by the railway, transporting cargo and people from inside Paulista to the port of panoptic.
  3. The Worcester State Hospital, constructed in the late 19th century, extensively employed panoptic structures to allow more efficient observation of the wards.
  4. CSIRO's research into ICT technologies has resulted in advances such as the Panoptic search engine ( now known as Funnelback ) and Annodex.
  5. This was largely done through architectural techniques such as incorporating positions where panoptic views can be achieved into the construction of planters and / or overseers homes
  6. In this sense it is possible to replace the Panoptic God's eye view of surveillance with a more community-building ubiquitous personal experience capture.
  7. Panoptic surveillance was described by Michel Foucault in the context of a prison in which prisoners were isolated from each other but visible at all times by guards.
  8. Although usually associated with prisons, the panoptic style of architecture might be used in other institutions with surveillance needs, such as schools, factories, or hospitals.
  9. He did not patent the Panoptic, so it was soon copied around the world, but he had sold enough to provide the capital required to manufacture scientific instruments.
  10. Security at the facility centers on a panoptic design that allows officers in a central control room to look through secure optical material to see into all areas of the facility.
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