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  1. All these games are versions of the classic Indian game Pachisi, which was first introduced to the western world in England under the name of " Ludo ".
  2. Cross and circle games such as Chaupar and Pachisi may be very old games, but so far their history has not been established prior to the 16th century.
  3. Shiva's wife Parvati created a " vetala " to protect him and to instruct him with riddles ( a reference to " Baital Pachisi " legends ).
  4. The " Taiping Imperial Reader " states that people of Baekje played a board game similar to Chupu, which is believed to be similar to Pachisi, a board game originating in India.
  5. The show is based on the " Baital Pachisi " collection of tales about the semi-legendary King Vikram, identified as Vikramditya, and the Vetala, a huge vampire-like being.
  6. The DS remake of " Dragon Quest V " features several new minigames, including Bruise the Ooze, Treasures'n'Trapdoors, a version of Pachisi, the Slurpodrome, and the tombola.
  7. The concept of the program was based on " Baital Pachisi ", a collection of tales about the legendary King Vikram ( identified as Vikramditya ) and the Vaitaala, a ghost analogous to a vampire in Western literature.
  8. The situation is included in a set of problems written attributed to Alcuin of York, and also in the final story in " Baital Pachisi "; the question asks to describe the relationship of the children to each other.
  9. The stories embedded in the never-ending story of King Vikramditya and Vetala ( Vampire ), an adaptation of an ancient Sanskrit work Baital Pachisi, brought wide repute to this magazine, and were also featured in popular TV serials.
  10. The function of the cross is more variable; for example, in Yut the cross forms shortcuts to the finish, whereas in Pachisi the four " spokes " are used as player-specific exits and entrances to the pieces'home.
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