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  1. All indications are that he will resign from the Pacers Wednesday.
  2. There isn't a Pacer decal in sight _ yet.
  3. These days, Bird is the Pacers'rookie head coach.
  4. Pacers forward Antonio Davis told an Indianapolis reporter the other day.
  5. Miller's 25 points kept the Pacers in the game.
  6. INDIANA PACERS ( 58-24 ) Bird is the word.
  7. First, the Heat is past, the Pacers are present.
  8. Unruffled, Pacers coach Larry Bird decided to yank his starters.
  9. Unruffled, Pacers Coach Larry Bird decided to yank his starters.
  10. That night, the Lakers shut down the streaking Indiana Pacers.
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