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  1. The difference in pacemaker cells is that this potassium permeability ( efflux ) decreases as time goes on, partly causing the slow depolarization.
  2. Normally, the pacemaker cells of the sinoatrial node discharge at the highest frequency and are thus dominant over other cells with pacemaker activity.
  3. There is also evidence that digoxin increases vagal activity, thereby decreasing heart rate by slowing depolarization of pacemaker cells in the AV node.
  4. That causes the whole cell to put out an even bigger " spark, " triggering neighboring pacemaker cells to do the same thing.
  5. But the conduction of action potentials and overall contraction rhythm will be slower than previously when the original pacemaker cells were controlling the rhythm.
  6. Every pacemaker cell is able to stimulate an electric impulse in the same manner as the sinoatrial node, and share analogous cardiac action potentials.
  7. If the rate from both the SA and AV node fall below the discharge rate of ventricular pacemaker cells, a ventricular escape beat ensues.
  8. The sinoatrial node is richly innervated by the autonomic nervous system, which up or down regulates the spontaneous firing frequency of the pacemaker cells.
  9. A few of the cells in a given SUVSM unit may behave as pacemaker cells, generating rhythmic action potentials due to their intrinsic electrical activity.
  10. In cardiac pacemaker cells this phase is due to a rapid outflow of K + and the closure of the L-type Ca 2 + channels.
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