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  1. By then, the hope is that Schilling will be out of pabulum to fling from his high chair.
  2. But Puzo insists he is not spooning out literary pabulum, that he writes popular books on serious topics.
  3. The noirish " Sexy Beast " holds out hope for comments beyond the usual pabulum, but no.
  4. The yearbook is called " Lawrencian " and the student newspaper is called " Mental Pabulum ".
  5. That  chill is what makes them more intriguing and unique than the mainstream pabulum that the powers that be are programming.
  6. But, in fact, spending time visiting the candidates'home pages is largely an exercise in being spoon-fed pabulum.
  7. Because that's what we apparently want in a president-- a really rich guy who worships our middle-class pabulum.
  8. They've managed to engage viewers who've seen enough terrorism and war footage in recent years to be suspicious of pabulum.
  9. It is made-for-TV pabulum, meant to satisfy unsophisticated palates the way restaurants make ordinary food seem appetizing with highfalutin menus.
  10. Most advertising for giant mutual funds is baby-boomer pabulum : generic displays of Frisbee-catching dogs, handsome couples and grinning college graduates.
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