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  1. One of the areas that would be studied as part of an across-the-board look at energy resources would be the Overthrust Belt.
  2. The Pine Mountain Overthrust Fault, a geologic fault system located several miles to the east, produces occasional tremors, the most recent in 2008.
  3. He traced the plications from minor to major stages, and illustrated the remarkable overthrust faultings in numerous sections and with the aid of pictorial drawings.
  4. From the south, the molasse deposits were overthrust about 10 kilometers by the Helvetic nappes, which caused the deformation in the Subalpine Molasse zone.
  5. His explanation of the geological structure showed that certain anomalous incidents of fossils were due to recurring interfoldings of the strata and to complex overthrust faults.
  6. The Los Colorados caldera coalesces with the Lazufre structure along the Archibarca lineament and is associated with a major fault, the Pedernales-Arizaro overthrust.
  7. Known as the Lewis Overthrust, these sedimentary rocks are considered to have some of the finest fossilized examples of extremely early life found anywhere on Earth.
  8. Overthrust self-produced and self-released their first full-length album " Desecrated Deeds to Decease " on April 8, 2008.
  9. For Champlin, Union Pacific's ownership meant access to the Overthrust Belt in northeastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming that came into production in the late 1970s.
  10. The contested national forest area lies on top of the Montana Overthrust Belt, which is estimated to contain one of the nation's largest natural gas deposits.
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