overtaking in a sentence

overtaking meaning in Hindi


  1. The new names are slowly overtaking the old in common usage.
  2. Whether they will have a legitimate shot at overtaking the Yankees.
  3. New York is about not letting the past overtake the future.
  4. If it hits the target, Toyota could overtake General Motors.
  5. Theoretically, Girardelli, Mader or Aamodt still could overtake him.
  6. The overtaking speed can be breathtaking, particularly in the corners.
  7. But her lead was enough that no one could overtake her.
  8. Likewise, Belgium theoretically can overtake the Netherlands atop Group 7.
  9. Overtaking her as No . 1 is not the top goal,
  10. Others can be completely unprepared for the calamities which overtake them.
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