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  1. And many of his colleagues worry that his pursuit of a job that is not even open is an overt symptom of a House already destabilized by Gingrich's unpredictable style and uncertain future.
  2. He said that it is as yet unclear what the long-term consequences of using the drugs were for people with valve damage, but no overt symptoms of trouble, like shortness of breath and tiredness.
  3. Suggestive brain imaging findings _ shifts in transmission patterns of messenger chemicals, for example _ could be linked to genes, on the one hand, and to the overt symptoms of patients on the other.
  4. Doctors were tested at a university clinic by having them examine " standardized patients " _ individuals who had overt symptoms of HIV infections and were trained to give similar presentations to all the doctors.
  5. The criteria for determining a dangerous mental condition, he said, are typically based on whether a patient is deemed dangerous to himself or others, as well as on overt symptoms, past history and whether the patient understands that he needs treatment.
  6. When these tests were given to people with no chest pain or other overt symptoms of cardiovascular disease, it turned out that men who tested positive for hidden disease had triple the usual risk of dying over the next three years, and women had twice the risk.
  7. Each variant causes somewhat different symptoms, such as : application crashes, printing errors on laser printers, slow system response time, or unpredictable system crashes . nVIR spreads through any nVIR-infected program, but due to the long period of time nVIR lies basically dormant in a host system, nVIR generally finds its way into system backups and is not detected until the first overt symptoms appear.
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