overbearing in a sentence

overbearing meaning in Hindi


  1. It seemed more acceptable and less threatening, but not overbearing.
  2. Others see the reserve as just another plaything for overbearing foreigners.
  3. He is passionate, overbearing, a proud man of property.
  4. Nor have Fox's sometimes overbearing personal habits caught on.
  5. George talks about Martha's overbearing attitude toward their son.
  6. This time Burnett took on the role of the overbearing queen.
  7. He was eloquent, effective, forceful, and occasionally overbearing.
  8. Hard, harsh, demanding, overbearing, inconsiderate, brutal.
  9. At his worst he's overbearing, irrational and moody.
  10. I found a number of your comments needlessly rude and overbearing.
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