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  1. The raging storm hit the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, and heavy rains could wash out crops in the region.
  2. Tamil Nadu has insisted on raising the water level in the dam to 142 feet, pointing out crop failures.
  3. It also faces the grim reality of annual cyclones and floods that kill hundreds and wipe out crops and homes.
  4. Although Bermuda has hurricane-resistant homes, it hasn't seen a Category 3 storm since Arlene wiped out crops and homes in 1963.
  5. "People either go into organic farming gradually or specialize in one crop while they figure out crop rotations, " she said.
  6. Heavy rains could wash out crops in the region, including the soybean states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas.
  7. Gerald Beck likes to say that he and his buddy Bob Odegaard are " just a couple of worn-out crop dusters ."
  8. "Hailstorms either wiped out crops or reduced yields, and many farmers are plowing the crop under and planting other crops, " said Hand.
  9. This year, unusually heavy rains and the overflowing Juba River have destroyed homes, washed away roads and wiped out crops and reserve stocks.
  10. These wild birds have established their breeding sites on the quarry rock out crops and most of them have made the quarry their home.
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