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  1. Of all the parts of that video, that disc nicely speeding out and away in front of the craft is the strangest part to me.
  2. Although they seemed to travel at different speeds, they did not move out and away from the spacecraft as the confetti had in the balloon experiment.
  3. It is also common for a player to throw his ball up through the bottom of the hoop to knock the opponent's ball out and away.
  4. Kenneth Richard contrasted his tailored gray striped pantsuits with sheets of organza stuffed into the neckline so that they stood out and away from the face and neck.
  5. But the satellite was blown out and away from the Delta III when it exploded, said Roger DeVivo, a chief flight analyst with the Air Force's range safety office.
  6. Plasma electrons are driven out and away from the center of wake by the ponderomotive force or the electrostatic fields from the exciting fields ( electron or laser ).
  7. As rents increase, native homeowners are moving out and away, collecting checks from foreigners, especially the French, who have flocked in to start chic restaurants, shops and entertainment spots.
  8. And at the next stop, in the last instant before the door closed, he darted out and away, having only taken a small notebook instead of my wallet by mistake.
  9. Maybe he was doing it unconsciously, but his arm was out and away from his head a little bit too much, and he was arching his back a little too much,
  10. I ditched a lot of speed right before it and got out and away and cut straight over so I went straight across the ice rather than try to turn on it.
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