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  1. In 1000 1001, Ouranos quelled an uprising by two Syrian Bedouin tribes, the " Noumeritai " and the " Ataphitai ".
  2. Uranus is the only planet whose name is derived from a figure from Greek mythology, from the Latinised version of the Greek god of the sky Ouranos.
  3. On his way back he met a Byzantine army on the opposite side of the Spercheios river, led by the Domestic of the West, Nikephoros Ouranos.
  4. Titania has two of the largest conference centers in central Athens, the " Europa " and " Ouranos ", hosting numerous congresses and conventions every year.
  5. Ouranos ( or Uranus ), the first ruler of the universe, and his wife Ge give birth to the first Cyclopes : Arges, Steropes and Brontes.
  6. Very little is known of Ouranos's origin, his early years or his family, and the chronicles represent him very much as a " askrtis"
  7. Later the same year, Gurgen attempted to take David Kuropalates succession by force, but the Byzantine commander Nikephoros Ouranos, dux of Antioch, made him retreat.
  8. Nikephoros Ouranos himself first enters history in the early 980s, during negotiations between Byzantium and the Emir of Baghdad for the return of the renegade rebel general Bardas Skleros.
  9. In 969, the city was recovered for the themes and was the most important officer on the Empire's eastern border, held by such men as Nikephoros Ouranos.
  10. The terms of the battle were stated : whichever of them fell into Ogenos would be the defeated, while those who thrust them out and defeated them would possess Ouranos.
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