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  1. Bulgarians put to flight by Ouranos's forces at Spercheios, from the " Chronicle of John Skylitzes ".
  2. According to Yahya of Antioch, Nikephoros Ouranos returned to Constantinople with one thousand heads of Bulgarian soldiers and twelve thousand captives.
  3. Ouranos, however, found a ford further upstream, crossed his army over during the night, and attacked the Bulgarian camp.
  4. Ouranos however, sought and found a ford, leading his army across during the night, and attacking the Bulgarians at dawn.
  5. Once in Baghdad, however, Ouranos was accused of either trying to poison or to negotiate in secret with Skleros, and was imprisoned.
  6. According to Skylitzes the victory was entirely Ouranos'achievement and Basil II is credited with little besides appointing him to the office of Domesticos.
  7. Basil Ouranos, possibly an elder relative, is attested, and we know from Nikephoros's letters that he had a brother named Michael.
  8. In December 999, Ouranos was appointed " doux " of Antioch in Syria, one of the most important Byzantine regional military commands.
  9. Basil II had appointed Ouranos commander of all Balkan and Greek territories of the Byzantine Empire and gave him a large army to defeat the Bulgarians.
  10. Ouranos continued campaigning in the area over the next years, although no information on his operations is provided by the chronicler Skylitzes, our main source.
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