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  1. An orthogonal basis for " complete " orthogonal system.
  2. An orthogonal basis for " complete " orthogonal system.
  3. or any other orthogonal coordinates, or even general curvilinear coordinates.
  4. We create the orthogonal Givens rotation matrix, G _ 1:
  5. It is an extension of the Rademacher system of orthogonal functions.
  6. Findings from EDA are often orthogonal to the primary analysis task.
  7. These are executed as thruster burns orthogonal to the orbital plane.
  8. In particular, orthogonal transformations map orthonormal bases to orthonormal bases.
  9. He painted with orthogonal lines the rhythms of the structure used.
  10. Orthogonal trajectories of the given family of circles are no different.
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