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  1. The orthogneiss is made up of eye-shaped, subcentimeter-sized alakali feldspar porphyroclasts and is therefore an augengneiss.
  2. The protolith of the orthogneiss was once a porphyritic granitoid which was later on ( during the Variscan orogeny ) deformed plastically.
  3. The Balingup Complex consists primarily of metasedimentary paragneiss, granite orthogneiss, with minor layers of calc-silicate, ultramafic and ortho-amphibolite gneiss.
  4. The geology consists mainly of grey or light orange leucogranite and orthogneiss rich in biotite, sillimanite and cordierite with alternating bands of felsic and mafic material.
  5. Trondhjemite is common in Archean terranes occurring in conjunction with tonalite and granodiorite as the " TTG " ( tonalite-trondhjemite-granodiorite ) orthogneiss suite.
  6. But the only time you would use the word " orthogneiss " in a non-geological encyclopedia would be to differentiate gneiss that is not of sedimentary origins.
  7. Moving south along the trail, the 433 Ma Ordovician-Silurian Belle Cote Road orthogneiss is encountered, followed by another granite ( Proterozoic-Devonian in age ).
  8. Yet some radiometric datings using the argon-method find much earlier Tournaisian ages for the intrusion of the Estivaux granite and for the motions along mylonite zones within the Saut-du-Saumon orthogneiss.
  9. A Middle to 375 Ma Late Devonian granite is seen along the Cabot Trail between Ingonish and where it leaves the park near South Harbor, while a 403 Ma Early Devonian orthogneiss is exposed at Neils Harbour northward.
  10. The rockslide consisted of a progressive succession of smaller collapses and block failures involving first the lower and more competent orthogneiss, followed by retrogressive collapse of the highly jointed paragneiss above ( Schindler et al ., 1993 ).
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