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  1. Among his 142 opus numbers, Moscheles wrote a number of symphonic works.
  2. Oddly, it redirects to Opus number, but it shouldn't.
  3. These were published posthumously in Moscow in 1948, without an opus number.
  4. On this occasion DvoY�k also changed the opus number.
  5. The opus numbers are still more likely to appear in printed programs for performances.
  6. Reger assigned opus numbers to major works himself.
  7. Buns published nine opus numbers ( I-IX ) between 1666 and 1721.
  8. Opus numbers 1 through 5 ( unused ) were possibly designated for juvenile works.
  9. Publication of Schubert's compositions started during his lifetime, by opus number.
  10. All the works with opus number have been published, if not specified otherwise.
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