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  1. Boots likewise looked to-the-manor-born, with olive oilcloth spats.
  2. Eventually it was purchased by Williamson, who moved linoleum and oilcloth manufacture to Lancaster.
  3. Seams in traditional oilcloth could be coated after sewing to reduce leakage through their stitching.
  4. People in the parade wore oilcloth coats to protect themselves from falling sparks and oil drippings.
  5. Usually, Pirosmani painted on oilcloth.
  6. For better protection against rain, dusters were made from oilcloth and later from waxed cotton.
  7. Faces were often made of oilcloth.
  8. Like many outsider artists, he used offbeat materials : newsprint, butcher paper and even oilcloth.
  9. He was selling fabulous Mexican oilcloth in vibrant 1950s colors and prints for $ 8 a yard.
  10. The next known versions he produced had printed'boards'on oilcloth squares with hand colored details.
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