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  1. Ocular Sciences Inc ., South San Francisco, 4 million shares.
  2. Surgery is possible on the extra-ocular muscles to decrease strabismus.
  3. The characteristic ocular abnormalities are nystagmus and lateral rectus weakness.
  4. These include intracellular fluid; extracellular fluid; ocular fluids.
  5. Distinct from POHS, acute ocular histoplasmosis may rarely occur in immunodeficiency.
  6. Oral antibiotics may help to relieve symptoms of ocular rosacea.
  7. However, it requires an intact blood-ocular barrier to work.
  8. Ocular dominance and dominant hand should be ideally the same.
  9. The video is also included on the Ocular Digital DVD.
  10. Ocular sparganosis a particularly well-described type of sparganosis.
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